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Public relations and pr campaigns are trying to organise a number of interesting and unique events for its members throughout the year. They are trying to make almost all of these free of charge for members. At the moment, most of these events are being held in London, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t run activities and events in other parts of the country as well.

They would like to thank all of the companies, organisations, speakers and other volunteers for their generous support, without whom none of this would happen.

Public relations and pr campaigns is the only genuinely international awards competition - aiming to recognise the best in financing Public Relations campaigns from around the world.  Annually it receives entries from 40-50 different countries - from both agencies and corporate pr departments - with award categories covering the full range of our professional activities. Winning entries all display that combination of real creativity and disciplined planning, implementation and evaluation that that characterise excellence in public relations.

You can avoid this by being aware of one very significant legal entitlement - to buy your pension annuity from any company, not just the company that operated the scheme. This is called the "open market option" and can substantially increase income in retirement.

Whether you are involved in a commercial activity or charitable cause, PR will help you talk to the media - so the media can tell the world about you.

We have compiled a number of articles written by experts that are designed to help you through the tough periods of your relationship. Please take a look around for all the help and advice you need.

Come and test your general web pr knowledge as teams of four compete for the honour of being IPRA’s 2016 charity pub quiz champion. Participants will get to select which charity the proceeds will be donated to. If you have any products or gifts that you can donate for a raffle prize, please contact us directly.

Solar PV: reputation at risk
Public curiosity in solar PV, heightened by the sight of shiny panels appearing on rooftops everywhere, could turn to warines

Good pages rarely link to bad ones. Bad pages often link to good ones in an attempt to improve hub scores. The care with which people add links to a page is often inversely proportional to the number of links on the page. Trust score is attenuated as it passes from site to site.

ILMINSTER: Award nomination for local entrepreneur

STOCKLINCH villager Claire Hart who runs her own public relations company had an extra Christmas present when she attended the Garden Media Guild Awards held in London recently. 

Having put so much effort to save for retirement, it is a sad fact that many people then make the wrong decision about where to obtain their pension from. This can reduce their potential retirement income by up to 30%, every year for the rest of their lives. 

Blogs are one of many useful search engine optimisation tools that create inbound links.

Organic search is the foundation of any successful search engine optimisation campaign.

Relationships can be the greatest part of our lives and give memories that last forever. But sometimes they can be the cause of stress and problems in our lives, which is why sometimes we need some help and advice to get us through the situation.

SEO analytics is a sound and important investment for your website.

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